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Announcing A Day of REST – the WordPress REST API conference

We are really excited to announce the first of some events that we have been working on. A Day of REST is a one day conference dedicated to the WordPress REST API. It is taking place on 28th January 2016 at Conway Hall, London. If you follow anything in WordPress, you’ll know that the REST…

Introducing WP Thumb

Throughout my experience of working with WordPress, be it small projects or large projects I have always wanted the ability to do on-demand server side image resizing. For several reasons this is something WordPress has not included in core. With Human Made and the years before, we have used a lot of different solutions for on-demand resizing.…

WP Remote

WP Remote is a essential free web app which provides a single place for developers to view and manage all of their WordPress sites. There is no longer any excuse for out of date websites.

WP Thumb

WP Thumb is a WordPress plugin that silently enables the use of PHPThumb for all WordPress images. This has several benefits that WordPress does not offer: Dynamically resize images on-the-fly – WordPress only generates 3 sizes for each attachment. WP Thumb allows you to do `the_post_thumbnail( ‘width=100&height=80&crop=1’ )` to get a 100 pixel square image, this can…