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What can we do for you?

As a leading global WordPress technical agency, we’d like to give you benefit of our experience and expertise, not forgetting our enthusiasm. We love big, high traffic, technically tricky projects.

Strategy and Consultancy

For a large-scale or complex WordPress project, a bit of expert advice can go a long way. We can assist with overall technical direction or help with a specific issue. Consultation can be face to face or remotely and can be a one off or in an ongoing capacity. It may that a conversation does the trick or there could be the need for more formal recommendations in the form of a report. We’ll work with you to get the best outcome for your requirements.

  • Experts in all things WordPress
  • Technical advice and direction
  • Infrastructure consulting
  • Problem solving for thorny issues

$350 per hour

Code Reviews

We’ll apply our engineering know-how and undertake a meticulous line-by-line review of your entire site code base. We’ll produce a detailed report flagging up key issues that need immediate resolutions and make further recommendations to bring your site in line with best practice. We’ll walk through the report with you to make sure everything is clearly explained and can provide a quote for implementing the recommendations. Alternatively, if you have the in-house expertise available, we’ll advise and support your development team. The outcome is a clean, high quality, robust and beautifully performing website.

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Code Architecture
  • Maintainability and Readability
  • Coding Standards
  • Best Practices

From $12,000

Accessibility Reviews

Can everyone easily find and use your site? Is it accessible? There is a legal requirement for websites to be accessible in many countries including the UK and USA. Human Made are partnering with Graham Armfield to provide an Accessibility Review of your site. We’ll go through the site looking for issues that might make life difficult for users with impairments. We’ll test for compliance against internationally recognised accessibility standards or against any country specific accessibility legislation. The outcome will be a detailed report flagging up any issues and offering recommendations for resolution, which we can then support you to implement if required.

  • Compliance against globally recognised accessibility standards (WCAG2.0)
  • Compliance against country specific legislation
  • Review using assistive software tools
  • Accessibility for users with impairments

From $10,000

Content Migrations

We can migrate all your existing content from your old site/CMS over to WordPress. We’ll work with you to extract the all content, users, purchases and media out of your current system, we’ll then migrate that over to a format WordPress understands and finally we’ll import it into your new WordPress site. We’ll work with you up to the day of launch to ensure any last minute content is migrated over.

  • Move your existing content to WordPress
  • Ensure all authors, categories, tags and other metadata is also transfered
  • Experience migrating sites with millions of pieces of content

From $10,000

Full Code and Hosting Management

This is the full works; we will be looking after both your code and your hosting environment. We’ll set up and run your hosting with a focus on scalability, high performance and reliability and then we’ll ensure that it stays that way with 24/7 support and robust monitoring. After your initial full code review, we’ll manage code repositories, review new code as it comes in, train and support your developers and provide them with development environments. With ongoing code and environment management your site is ideally positioned for future growth and will maintain the same high quality as it evolves and develops.

Note: Existing sites will need to go through a full code review first.

  • Core & Plugin updates
  • Ongoing Code Reviews/Management
  • Enterprise Grade AWS Hosting
  • Developer Training
  • Vagrant Development Environments
  • Managed Deployment Process

From $5,500 per month + $7,500 setup fee

Ready to take things to the next level?

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Bespoke WordPress Development

Whether you have a brand new project, a part-completed site or an existing site needing a revamp, we can get involved to help you to achieve your aims. We are WordPress technical and development specialists which means that we’ll work with you on WordPress application development, theme and plugin development, APIs and integration, content migration, infrastructure, hosting and platform development. We’ve completed some challenging projects for global name clients ranging from micro-sites to full solutions. If you are not sure, just ask and we will quote on an individual project basis.

  • Full Site Builds
  • Site migrations to WordPress
  • Custom Plugin & Theme Development
  • WordPress Networks
  • WordPress Powered Apps
  • Ongoing maintenance retainers
  • Ongoing development retainers

Priced per project VIP

We’re a VIP featured partner agency, which means that we understand VIP's stringent code requirements and have an excellent cooperative relationship with their team. We’ll help make the process to VIP Launch run smoothly, quickly and efficiently. We’ll support you through the VIP Code Review process, working with you and the team at VIP so that your site passes with flying colours. After launch we can provide continued development, consultancy and support ongoing as your site grows and evolves on the VIP platform.

Priced per project