Open Source Tools

We just can't help ourselves from coming up with bright ideas and we'd like to share them with you.

Our tools page showcases a selection of our past and current open source coding projects, whether large or small. We think that these projects are important because they give us a chance to experiment and be creative which benefits our client work and contributes to the WordPress development community.

You can find all our projects on Github.

WP Remote

WP Remote is our nifty web app that provides a single place to monitor, manage and update all of your WordPress sites. It handles updates to installed plugins, themes and core remotely via the WP Remote website. It also provides a full automatic offsite backup service or allows site file download.

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Check out WP Remote WordPress Plugin on Github.

“Thanks Humanmade - you've just made an overly tedious task into something very manageable and fast - I thank you for the time I can spend more productively.”

A review from the plugin directory #

  • Sites Monitored 50K+
  • Registered Users 10K+
  • Plugin Updates (30 Days) 55K+
  • GB Backed Up (30 Days) 600GB+

WordPress TimeStack

WordPress TimeStack is a tool for profiling WordPress development by time, mysql queries & memory usage. It supports multilevel operation based tracking of such metrics. Check out WordPress TimeStack on GitHub or use our hosted version.

BackUpWordPress banner

“I'm fairly new to WordPress and am very happy to have found this Plugin. It does a great job and is the best insurance you can have for your site. I did have a a question about sub-domains and the support, answers and speed deserve a big 5 stars. Thank you Human Made ”

A review from the plugin directory #


A simple but powerful WordPress plugin for taking complete backups of your WordPress site, backups include all files and a complete database dump. So far it's been downloaded 2,734,361 times and is rated 5/5 on the plugin repo.

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WP Thumb

WP Thumb

WP Thumb is a simple but powerful plugin that extends the native image classes with on-the-fly image generation, backgroud-fill, watermarking and more. It seamlessly integrates with the WordPress image functions. You can specify height, width and crop values, and an image will be generated, which is then cached for future use.

WP Thumb in the Plugin Repo
WP Thumb on GitHub

HM Rewrite

The WordPress rewrite system is an area many people struggle with when starting out with WordPress. People not familiar with rewrite systems don't necessarily understand what role they play and often developers who are used to using rewrite systems find WordPress' implementation somewhat clunky.

When working on relatively complex WordPress projects, which have multiple custom taxonomies and combinations of post types, custom rewrite rules are likely to be needed.

HM Rewrite on GitHub

Colors of Image

Color of Image is used to extract a color palette (see below) from a given image. Aside from being a native PHP implementation, Color of Image differes from many palette extracters as it works off a white list color palette.

Colors of Image on GitHub

Images of red clothing
Image of colored shirts and extracted colors

Custom Meta Boxes

Image of the user interface for the custom metaboxes plugin

Custom Meta Boxes is a framework for easily adding custom fields to the WordPress post edit page.

It includes several field types including WYSIWYG, media upload and dates (see wiki for a full list). It also supports repeatable and grouped fields.

This project is aimed at developers and is easily extended and customised. It takes a highly modular, Object Oriented approach, with each field as an extension of the CMB_Field abstract class.

Custom Meta Boxes on GitHub

WordPress /humanmade

We've written several plugins that are hosted on the plugin repo, although a lot of our re-usable code is now on GitHub.

Github /humanmade

GitHub is a key part of our development workflow at Human Made, it's where we store and manage all our open source projects and also our client work.