Ready for Gutenberg?

An in-depth look at how this new WordPress feature will affect your business.

40 pages (PDF) - Updated December 20, 2017

Today Gutenberg begins as an editing tool; in the future, it will become the foundation for customising and building websites across the whole WordPress platform.

A balanced look at Gutenberg's potential and wider impact, for agencies and enterprises.

Key highlights

  • How and why Gutenberg can benefit content creators, publishers, developers, and designers in your organisation
  • Gutenberg's potential and how to overcome the challenges of implementation and adoption
  • What to expect in a future with Gutenberg

Contributors to white paper

  • Tammie Lister
    Tammie Lister, Experience Designer at Automattic, and Design Lead on the Gutenberg project
  • Anna Harrison
    Anna Harrison, Director of UX at &
  • Greg Priday
    Greg Priday, Founder at SiteOrigin, a Pagebuilder with 1+ million users
  • Ant Miller
    Ant Miller, Commercial Director at Human Made
  • Joe McGill
    Joe McGill, Senior WordPress Engineer at Human Made
  • Matthew Haines-Young
    Matthew Haines-Young, Senior WordPress Engineer at Human Made