Climate Thermometer

We developed this climate change content hub for The New Republic sales team, with a strong focus on design and some interesting technical challenges.

At the beginning of July 2014 we were contacted about developing the Climate Thermometer, a sponsored site sold by The New Republic advertising team. The site is a content hub, providing curated content on climate change and policy in the run up to the 2014 American elections. The project had a tight time scale and the look and feel of the site were important.

Climate thermometerA particular technical challenge with this site was creating the thermometer concept. The site’s aim is to represent the daily temperature of the overall climate change conversation. This is done via a graph showing the temperature of the debate day on day for the week. The editorial team give each individual post a temperature based on it’s impact and importance in the overall dialogue. This temperature is shown visually on the post and the average of the day’s posts is plotted as the day temperature figure on the home page graph.

The team wanted an eye catching design that would reflect the temperature theme in a way that was easy to understand. We used the UI and design skills of Mike Susko to create an clean and effective interface to get users interested and interacting. Posts are colour coded with their “temperature” based on positive or negative impact.Climate thermometer

Despite the tight timescales, the site was completed to schedule and went live in September 2014.

Tom and his team were a real pleasure to work with. We were facing a challenging timeline and working with some new concepts and I was very happy with how quickly we mobilized as a team to reach our goals. We were quite satisfied with the end result.

Mark Lewis – Director of Digital Operations, The New Republic

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