We continued our great relationship this exciting media company, developing editorial tools for their digital platform Fusion.net, including the great new Shortcake plugin.

Fusion is a multi-platform media company with Fusion.net as its digital platform. The company is a joint venture between Univision Communications Inc. and the Disney/ABC Television Network and specialises in news, pop culture, and comedy content that is smart and irreverent​. Their online presence and influence is rapidly increasing and they required a substantial overhaul of their site to support their position as a major media journalism player. This involved both a rebrand and a move to WordPress.com VIP.

In 2014 we worked with Fusion on the exciting and very successful FusionSoccer site for the World Cup (now Soccergods). We had a great collaborative working relationship during the project and were pleased when Daniel and Hong got in touch again about working on Fusion.net.

Tools to support the editorial workflow

The Fusion.net site is large and complex . They had an experienced internal development team in place but required specific WordPress expertise to deal with particular technical challenges, such as the creation of some new editorial tools and functionality.


With large amounts of multimedia content it is important that the editors’ work is made as easy and efficient as possible. We worked with the Fusion.net team and developed a number of great tools to support the editorial workflow.

Shortcake plugin for making shortcodes super

The content team at Fusion needed a really simple way add interactive and interesting content to their articles. e.g. stylised pull quotes, interactive third party tools, galleries. To solve this problem, we built Shortcake. A user-friendly interface that allows editors to add, preview and edit more complex page elements from within the WordPress post editor. Under the hood it uses shortcodes, but Shortcake means that nobody will ever have to see one.

Fusion are supporters of the open source ethos and culture and Shortcake is available as a standalone plugin on Github. There has been a lot of interest and community contributions, and we have proposed it as a WordPress featured plugin and hopefully it will find its way into core in the future.

Find out more about Shortcake – Making Shortcodes a Piece of Cake

SEO plugin – just the way Fusion want it

Fusion wants to publish content that ranks well in Google, and shares well across social media. Fusion had built a custom tool for tailoring the titles, descriptions and images used by each individual services. We helped to build an interface that provided live previews of exactly how the an article would look when shared or in search results.

Twitter share

Work in progress

There is still plenty of work in progress on additional editorial tools, including an author checklist using a traffic light approach to ensure that they have completed all the stages that the editors require. We enjoy the close working relationship that we have with the Fusion.net development team and look forward to helping them develop this successful site further.

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