We worked closely with this rapidly growing log management company on a total site redevelopment in WordPress to support their new product release.
Loggly provide a cloud-based log management service. They are a rapidly growing company and in summer 2013 were working up to a major new release of their product. They wanted to redesign their website using WordPress to coincide with the release, giving a new look and feel to promote the new product and some additional functionality. The work needed to be done to a tight deadline which was initially only 4 weeks.

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Site design had been done and hosting was already in place. We handled everything beyond that undertaking all the HTML coding and WP development for the new site.

Working together

This project was a close collaboration. Loggly are a very technical company which aided cooperation and enabled more transparency. We integrated with their development protocols and used their Github, working directly with one of their development team. The project required balancing close involvement and integration with our role as the technical lead.

I couldn’t have been happier with Human Made. Based across the pond from me, but forever connected, we had a great rapport and working rhythm despite the tight timelines. The project management was done mostly through the responsive nature and expertise of the developers themselves, saving us budget and streamlining the communication. I found myself struggling to conceive designs that would cause them pause, as they were able to handle anything I threw at them. I’d be happy to work with Human Made again, without question.

Nick Cawthon – Director of User Experience, Loggly

Building in flexibility

Loggly is a developing company which is growing and changing. We aimed to create a site that is flexible and versatile, providing a base for future modification. The site is structured so that all the style elements are stand-alone and can be moved, allowing the Loggly team easy options in modifying the layout of the site. The use of SASS and Twitter Bootstrap aided in the modular approach to the style sheets. The Loggly team have substantial in-house html expertise so the use of static html for some of the key visual pages makes it possible for them to do updates. We also created multiple versions of some of the templates to allow Loggly to undertake A-B testing as required.

Custom development

The majority of the site is standard WordPress. This was an area with no Loggly in-house expertise so the solution had to be straightforward but also comprehensive. We used a wide variety of custom post types to handle the various content types across the site independent of the theme. Many of these are integrated in the Voices (blog) section of the site, which pulls in content of many types and from different sources including blog posts, press articles and Twitter. Other custom development work included an infinite scroll plugin for the Voices area and a notification bar where the client can easily add or dismiss key messages.

A successful partnership

This was a satisfying project for us. Loggly were closely involved and were enthusiastic about using new approaches and products, giving us scope to create the optimum solution.

The new release and website went live in August 2013.