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We helped this exciting new investment site prepare for their launch, ensuring that their website would achieve optimum performance.

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Market Realist is a brand new investment website based on the concept of providing original research from professional investment analysts for free. The site consists of a mix of articles written specifically for the site by their analysts and market / company data supplied by various APIs.

Ready for Beta Launch

When they approached us, the team already had the Market Realist site running in pre-beta. The initial groundwork had been done but they now needed to take the work to the next level. They were looking for a developer who could focus intensively on the project to finish remaining features, implement a new design and bring the site up to overall beta launch readiness.

We worked on all aspects of the site. Steffan Williams did some excellent freelance work for us on the front end HTML, CSS and design elements.

Tom Willmot, Noel Tock and the entire team at Human Made have been incredible partners in creating the Market Realist website. This is perhaps the best group of developers I have had the privilege of working with.

Michael Rodov – Co-founder and CEO of Market Realist

Implementing best practice

The main technical challenges were around aligning the site with best practice, particularly in term of performance and scalability. We re-evaluated and refined the caching system architecture and focused on improving and simplifying the data structure.

There were also some front-end features to complete, to enrich the overall user experience. We created a system for ranking and displaying the most popular posts (overall and in specific categories) using Google Analytics and also a live search functionality that provides results across both articles and stock quotes.

The beta site launched on 19th March 2013 and traffic is already growing day by day. Since the launch we have continued to work with the Market Realist team to improve the site and implement features in response to user testing and feedback.

clutch 300-2 client interview with Michael Rodov

Feedback from staff members and other end-users was quite positive, both in terms of the design and the functional usability of the site. They’re all very impressed. Read more ..