We were excited to work with such a high profile internet name on a WordPress VIP migration which expanded in scope.
Our initial contact with Skype came via our role as a partner agency for WordPress VIP. Skype wanted to move the blogs section of their site to VIP and amalgamate content running on various non-WordPress sites. They had identified performance and scalability issues with the existing sites that needed addressing and this was all to be done to a tight timescale.

Implementing best practice

We worked with the support team at VIP to undertake the improvements required to bring the blog site in line with best practice, to ensure it would be scalable, secure and fast, ready for the move to VIP.

Site redesign work

Our initial piece of work coincided with a refresh and redesign of the entire Skype website and on the back of the work already done, we were asked to undertake the design work needed to bring the blog site in line with the Skype’s new image. We did a complete redesign of the blog site to Skype’s stringent brand standards.

Tight standards drive close liaison.

Working within Skype’s specific design guidelines and VIP’s hosting standards required close working and continual liaison with both teams throughout the process; this was not a project where solutions could be devised in isolation, a high degree of collaboration was necessary.

Content migration challenges

Once the redesign was complete we were involved in the migration of content from the existing systems. With over 10,000 images and posts to migrate and content dating back over 10 years in a variety of different languages there were many challenges to resolve in order to import the sites and structure the content. Accurate mapping was vital and we created a custom importer for the migration.