TK Maxx

We built a site to help staff share the results of their Red Nose Day fundraising for this leading UK clothing retailer.
TK Maxx has been involved with Red Nose Day since 2005. In 2013 as well as raising money through the sale of red nose t-shirts they were also planning a huge variety of fundraising events at individual stores. With over 240 stores across the UK, TK Maxx wanted a way for all of them to share photos of their efforts through an internal website.
TK Maxx got in touch with us in mid January 2013, providing a brief about the required functionality and some basic wireframes of the site layout. Fab freelancer Steffan Williams worked on the front-end HTML and CSS and produced a great site design. Because this is an internal company site, a custom Amazon EC2 setup best fit the hosting requirements.

Easy and mobile friendly

User access constraints were key to the solutions that we developed. The stores do not have internet access as standard so the site needed to be mobile-friendly, both viewable and usable via mobile devices. We developed a front-end form that allowed photos and the associated information to be uploaded quickly and easily without users having to go through WP Admin.

Another solution to improve user access was to simplify the login. Rather than circulating specific login details to each store, which could easily be lost or forgotten, we used an existing store code that all staff would already know. The logins for all users were mapped to the relevant store code.

Although the primary aim of the site was sharing of photos, the secondary aim was to provide the marketing department with access to the Red Nose Day images. Additional functionality was added to the Head Office and Marketing logins with a button to allow high resolution image download.

The site went live in mid February 2013 and proved extremely successful with over 600 uploads from stores onto the site. TK Maxx raised over £3.7m for Red Nose Day through their t-shirt sales and store fundraising activities.

Additional work

On the back of this work we were then asked to expand the site to cover two additional staff events “Together we can” for Enable Ireland and “TJX’s Got Talent”. The talent show area of the site required the ability to upload videos as well as images, which was achieved using the You-Tube API.