WP Remote

Keep a close watch on your sites. Monitor and update all of your WordPress‐powered sites with our essential web app.

Give WP Remote a twirl
WP Remote is our nifty web app that provides a single place to monitor, manage and update all of your WordPress sites. It handles updates to installed plugins, themes and core with a single click. Our new premium version also provides automatic updates and automatic remote backups.

The evolution of a web app

WP Remote started life in 2009 as a plugin called Site Monitor, developed by Tom to monitor the version of WP core on his client sites. From that basic idea the product grew, evolving from a plug-in to a full web app, acquiring a front-end GUI, bespoke API and a change of name.

WP Remote first emerged as a defined web app in 2010. Back then we recognized its potential as a commercial product, but it has taken a few years of juggling around client work to fully develop it. Find out more.

In 2013 we made the decision to commit seriously to WP Remote, invest in development and promote it as a self sustaining product so that it can continue to grow and develop. With this in mind WP Remote Premium was introduced in October 2013 as our first paid service, offering additional pro features including automatic offsite backups to Amazon S3 or Dropbox and automatic updates.

Now, I don’t see why someone managing more than one or two sites wouldn’t want a tool like this. WP Remote is a very effective, and in my opinion, extremely affordable solution for managing WordPress websites.

Brian Krogsgard – creator and editor, Post Status

What makes WP Remote special?

There are lots of factors that make WP Remote stand out from the crowd, here are just a few:

Built on WordPress
WP Remote was one of the earliest examples of a WordPress web app where WordPress is the backend only and the GUI talks to the backend via an API.

Public API
WP Remote is the only product of this type using a public API. This is great because it means that users are not restricted to WP Remote GUI. They can go ahead and create something to fulfil their own specific needs using our API.

WP Remote has a separate GUI and backend that talk to each other via an API. Keeping these elements of the solution separate gives the advantage that we can easily rewrite or modify one aspect without impacting on the rest of the solution. For example the GUI started in HTML/CSS/JS, was then reworked in Cappuccino and finally Knockout.js. We were able to make these major changes without having to rewrite the backend because they are separate elements.

Thanks Humanmade – you’ve just made an overly tedious task into something very manageable and fast – I thank you for the time I can spend more productively.

Plugin Review from WordPress.org

Innovation brings benefits all round

As a development focused company, we love WP Remote and our other projects because they give us balance and a chance to experiment and innovate. The coding solutions that we come up with in creating products such as WP Remote, BackUpWordPress and our smaller projects can also directly benefit our client work where a similar concept is required.

WP Remote Automatic Backups gives a real demonstration of how we achieve multiple benefits from our development projects; the backup capability for WP Remote is built on the solid foundations of our extremely popular plugin BackUpWordPress.